Bouquets to Grafton Base Hospital

Ed, Recently I had to attend Grafton Base Hospital for day surgery. I was so pleased with the attention I received, that in the future, should I need hospitalisation, I would have complete confidence in the quality of care and professional attention I would receive at the hospital. Prior to my visit I received a call from an extremely pleasant member of staff ensuring that I was clear regarding my preparation, medication and time of admittance. On arrival I found the atmosphere calm, helpful and friendly. I found each team member very competent, the care to detail was excellent. Every detail of what I was to receive was explained. I was visited by the anaesthetist and the surgeon Doctor Duchow, both prior to and after the procedure. The following day I received another call from the hospital enquiring as to my well being and stating should I be anxious about anything concerning my condition to not hesitate to call. Robyn Sheean, Yamba