AJ and Patrick Moore team up on a ‘Laser’. Image: contributed

Big River Sailing Club welcomes new and returning members

The Big River Sailing Club has long been a fertile breeding ground for young aspiring sailors. To name a few, Joe O’Keefe, Gabrielle King, Kieran Searle, and more recently Andy Landenberger have all enjoyed success in the international sailing scene.

Whilst not on the world stage yet, the current crop of Big River juniors are displaying the all the enthusiasm that was a trademark of their predecessors. Jack and Jess Hayes, along with Lachlan and Connor Devey and Hendrix Mahoney have become accomplished racers, and have this year been joined by Emma Robertson, and AJ and Patrick Moore. Other first year sailors, both senior and junior, continue to acquire basic skills via the Club’s ‘Learn to Sail’ program as they progress to being race ready.

In addition to those learning, the Club also welcomes experienced sailors, both new and returning. Jim O’Keefe and Peter Schaefer have long associations with the Club and have this year returned to the fold sporting new boats, Jim in an ‘Impulse’ dinghy and Peter in his handcrafted Tin Canoe. ‘Laser’ sailors Gus Young and James Harrison have complemented the mono-hull fleet and Rick Chalmers has added his ‘Nacra’ to the growing fleet of multihulls.

A reminder the Club is hosting the Bridge to Breakers Regatta this coming weekend (November 23/24), details of which are available on the Club’s website. Due to regatta commitments, the ‘Learn to Sail’ program will not operate.

Wayne Culph