The committee for the Westlawn Golf Club Incorporated. Image: Marissa Newman

Westlawn Golf Club Incorporated elect office bearers

Marissa Newman|

On Saturday the golfing community came out in numbers to show their support for the Westlawn golf course and elect the office bearers for the Westlawn Golf Club Incorporated committee. Over 30 people attended the meeting and all positions that were to be filled have been filled.

The support from the community has been overwhelming, with many people signing up to be members.

The office bearer positions that were available at the meeting were president, vice president, secretary / public officer, treasurer and club manager. A committee of men’s captain, women’s captain, women’s sponsorship co-ordinator, women’s vice captain, men’s vice captain and men’s sponsorship co-ordinator was also formed.

David Lynch will fill the position of president, Pat Hagen is vice president, the position of treasurer went to Robert (Bob) Tyler. Leonie Gardner will fill the role of secretary / public officer and Jason Casserly will be the golf club manager.

Men’s captain is John Blanch and Peter McClelland and Mark Newman will take up the roles of men’s sponsorship co-ordinator and men’s vice captain (respectively).

Wendy Gibbs, Cheryl Creighton and Meredith Corrigan will take on the roles of women’s captain, women’s sponsorship co-ordinator and women’s vice captain. Golf club manger Jason Casserly said the support from the community has been great, it has been really positive.