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Big River emerges from the mists of Wooli

Big River plays at the Yamba Bowling Club this Saturday night.
There are many talented musicians scattered among the wilds of the Lower Clarence. From time to time some of these musicians throw economic logic out the window and meld their disparate talents into something that results in sharing the sheer joy they generate among themselves with the punters out there in pub and club land. Big River is the result of one of those occurrences. Hailing from the communities of Wooli, Diggers Camp, Tyndale and Yamba, members of the five-piece group toiled for six months “letting their sonic explorations” guide their way towards performing their first show at the Wooli pub in January. That show went so well that the publican invited the group back for an encore 12 days later; then, two weeks later, the group “broke the Wooli Bowling Club’s Sunday music attendance record”. So what’s the gist of Big River’s shtick? “Calling back to the magical sounds of the sixties and seventies … infused with infectious performances and a magical blend of smooth soul, grooving funk and great modern blues,” is how the group sees it. “Picture a strong fusion of two great vocalists that is wonderfully enhanced by the seamless interaction of fluent guitar and keyboards … fully supported by a solid backline of thumping bass and snap-tight drums.” The group’s performers have years of national and international experience between them, who have the knowhow to get punters’ feet into dancing mode – and there will be plenty of space to strut your stuff in the Yamba Bowling Club’s auditorium this Saturday night March 25. Entry is free.