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Australia needs a revolution!

Ann Maz | Socially connected baby boomers who shaped Australia in the 50s, 60s and 70s need to start a social revolution. Connect, throw away the technology and reconnect. Who needs to continue with gadgets and screens after a long hard day navigating your way through the technology age?…but do we have a choice?… not really they have us as prisoners Following is an experience which happens over and over and over again…. THE ONLINE agony…. Navigating the net, a big joke I am sure experienced by many; the ever wonderful statement seen at the end of the long tedious navigation on travel sites “fill out this form with all your information and email it to us”… 20 minutes later, form filled out, you hit the button and VOILÀ form disappears…. I question “did it go through?” Mmmm I guess I had better ring and find out… 15 minutes later after pressing this button and that button and yet another button ah ha a voice on the other end of the phone… “how can I help you?” I have just sent through the form you requested to get my information that I really do not want to give you, so it makes your life easier,… oh sorry madam that is not my department, I will put you through to someone who can help you… 13 minutes later waiting, waiting, waiting… then surprise, surprise, that’s not my department… 10 minutes later…can I help you and we start all over again… are you getting the picture here?…. frustration, may God help me. Is anyone aware of time and what it is worth…. In this wonderful age of technology, internet and online time saving tools HELPPPPPPP!!!!! How nice it would be to go local and talk to someone that may be able to help me with my problems… not possible, where are the faceless, fearless techs dealing with all these online forms, information bookings etc that keep passing me around and around and around? Corporations need to take a long hard look at the way they deal with customers today or do WE just go on sitting back and allow this nonsense to continue. There is no power like people power and if we could get more and more people to boycott these nonsensical procedures set in place by huge corporations, maybe some common sense would prevail. There are too few people willing to buck the system and demand better and more prompt solutions. How can someone sitting in an office in the Philippines know what is happening on a freeway in Sydney or how that certain toll works or what we are talking about when we tell them where we were at the time the scanner didn’t read our number plate….tolls, travel, insurance, quotes, flights, hotel bookings are just some of the online dramas I have dealt with over the last 6 months and I can say….. I am fed up with the time wasting, the lack of service, the “I couldn’t care less” attitude, and the total lack of empathy from said organisations when you try to complain. MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE… action is needed