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  1. In which sport is Australia’s men’s national team known as the Jackeroos?
  2. What animal is visible on the flag of Tasmania?
  3. What river forms much of the border between Germany and France?
  4. What was the job title of the boys who used to go into chimneys to clean them?
  5. On what island would you find Mount Etna, possibly the world’s most active volcano?
  6. What do ichthyologists study?
  7. In what country would you find the city of Pondicherry?
  8. What is the profession of Gus Van Sant, Kathryn Bigelow, and Alfonso Cuarón?
  9. What word comes before Fever, River, and Submarine?
  10. What country in the British commonwealth is furthest away from Great Britain?
  11. In which Australian state would you find Avalon Airport?
  12. In the 1999 referendum, which was the only Australian state or territory with a majority of citizens voting Yes to a proposed republic?
  13. What breed of dog is stereotypically used to find avalanche victims, with a little keg of brandy on its neck?
  14. What did Georgie Porgie do to make girls cry?
  15. What sport were Hungary and the Soviet Union playing during the notorious “Blood in the Water” match in the 1956 Olympics?
  16. What country is the ancestral home of the avocado, and is still the top producer today?
  17. Near which holiday would you be most likely to witness a Passion Play?
  18. Who couldn’t all the king’s horses and all the king’s men put together again?
  19. How many women competed in the first modern Olympic Games, held in 1896?
  20. In which decade did Australia last implement the death penalty for a prisoner?




ANSWERS: 1.Lawn bowls 2.Lion 3.Rhine River 4.Chimney sweep 5.Sicily 6.Fish 7.India 8.Film director 9.Yellow 10.New Zealand 11.Victoria 12.Australian Capital Territory 13.Saint Bernard 14.He kissed them 15.Water polo 16.Mexico 17.Easter 18.Humpty Dumpty 19.None 20.1960s