General News


  1. What’s the airport code of Los Angeles?
  2. Which Australian author penned 1991s Round the Twist, upon which the ABC TV series is based?
  3. Powerade or Gatorade-which is Australia’s highest selling sports drink?
  4. What’s the predominant religion in India?
  5. What number was worn by ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky?
  6. Which nation hosted the first Olympic Games of modern history?
  7. Which leaf can you find on Canada’s flag?
  8. Which Spanish region can be found in north-eastern Spain?
  9. Chicago is situated on which Lake?
  10. Which war was the “War to end all wars”?
  11. What’s the top football league in Germany?
  12. What four-letter name is given to a BPAY owned system of sending money instantaneously between Australian banks?
  13. Which city’s airport is known by the international code ASP?
  14. At approximately $1000 per year, which country leads the world in annual gambling losses per person?
  15. What is South Korea’s biggest company?
  16. The U.S. Constitution starts with which three words?
  17. What are the French high-speed trains called?
  18. What is the national animal of Scotland?
  19. Air New Zealand has AirPoints, and Qantas has Frequent Flyer. What is the name of Virgin Australia’s frequent flyer programme?
  20. What’s the most popular soft drink in the U.S.?



ANSWERS: 1.LAX 2.Paul Jennings 3.Powerade 4.Hinduism 5.No. 99 6.Athens 7.A maple leaf 8.Catalonia 9.Lake Michigan 10.World War l. 11.Bundesliga 12.Osko 13.Alice Springs 14.Australia 15.Samsung 16.We the people 17.TGV 18.Unicorn 19.Velocity Points 20.Coca-Cola