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  1. What reptile appears on the logo of “Lacoste” brand clothing?
  2. What can be something you wear, or the name of the container which holds the cards in blackjack?
  3. What comes next after primary and secondary?
  4. What is the governing body of world football (soccer)?
  5. In 2022 what was Australia’s highest selling kind of plant based milk?
  6. According to the local Ballardong people which western Australian site is said to have been a creation of the Rainbow Serpent after she dragged her swollen body over the land?
  7. Hot Tamale was the working title of which iconic children’s song?
  8. On what fictional continent does “The Lord of the Rings” take place?
  9. What is the third most common last name in Italy, and also a well-known car company?
  10. What does the Cessna company manufacture?
  11. What Toronto structure would be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere if it were a building, which it is not?
  12. Who did Rami Malek portray in the 2018 movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”?
  13. The largest of its kind was discovered in South Africa weighing 621 grams. What is it?
  14. What country’s Prime Minister is given the title Taoiseach, a word meaning “chief” or “leader”?
  15. Which Australian island was listed in the world’s best regions to visit on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2024?
  16. Other than bread, which two ingredients are essential to the Australian snack known as tiger toast?
  17. What is June 6th, 1944 known as?
  18. What swashbuckling swordsman shares his name with the Spanish word for fox?
  19. Which word finishes the Lord’s Prayer?
  20. What is the biggest city that has the word “Town” in his name?



ANSWERS: 1.Crocodile 2.Shoe 3.Tertiary 4.FIFA 5.Oat 6.Wave Rock 7.’Hot Potato’-The Wiggles 8.Middle-earth 9.Ferrari 10.Airplanes 11.CN Tower 12.Freddie Mercury 13.Diamond 14.Republic of Ireland 15.Karta Pintingga (aka, Kangaroo Island) 16.Cheese and vegemite 17.D-Day 18.Zorro 19.Amen 20.Cape Town