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  1. What is the family name of Luke and Anakin?
  2. Two Australian states are named for Queen Victoria. One is Victoria. What is the other?
  3. What was the first European country to colonize New York City?
  4. Who was discovered by the Pharaoh’s daughter, floating in a basket in the Nile River?
  5. In terms of animal populations, what is worse than “vulnerable” but better than “extinct”?
  6. What percussion instrument has a name starting and ending in g?
  7. As of June 2023, what is Australia’s most widely read paid magazine?
  8. In which year did Tiger air Australia cease operating?
  9. What country of just 360,000 people has won the “World’s Strongest Man” competition nine times?
  10. What is the nearest star to Earth?
  11. What layer of the atmosphere was discovered to have a hole in 1982?
  12. What is typically the most-used club in a round of golf?
  13. What does N stand for in this sequence: OTTFFSSEN?
  14. What is the biggest country in the world that is smaller than every country it borders? (Hint: it’s in Asia and it borders two)
  15. Which 21st century Prime Minister is the only one in Australian history to have held a Bachelor of Science degree?
  16. According to Forbes, who was 2023s Australia’s highest paid athlete?
  17. What city chose Ken Livingstone as its first elected mayor in the year 2000?
  18. What process results in a quotient and a remainder?
  19. Of all the names that appear in the Bible, which one comes first alphabetically?
  20. Who was born in Germany, did his most important work in Switzerland, was offered the ceremonial Presidency of Israel, and died in the United States?




ANSWERS: 1.Skywalker 2.Queensland 3.Netherlands 4.Moses 5.Endangered 6.Gong 7.Better Homes and Gardens 8.2020 9.Iceland 10.The Sun 11.Ozone layer 12.Putter 13.Nine (the first letter of the numbers 1-9) 14.Mongolia 15.Scott Morrison 16.Cameron Smith 17.London 18.Division 19.Aaron 20.Albert Einstein