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The Virtual Pub is brought to you by ‘Original Sound Lounge’

Overnight, the music industry shut down due to COVID19 putting hundreds and hundreds of performers out of work with no gigs or money to be seen in the near future. Uncertainty hung as a heavy, grey cloud over us all – when will we ever perform live again at a live music venue, how will we survive with no gigs.

Enter the Original Sound Lounge, an activity that has been running out of Port Macquarie for the past couple of years. Initiated by Pam Hata, a singer/songwriter, guitarist, originally from New Zealand who resides on the mid north coast.

This activity exists to give performers a platform to be heard. Pam’s bright idea grew from her first ever performance in Sydney on a Bucket Lounge stage. Her idea was to spotlight local musos on the Mid North Coast along with touring musicians passing through this area. She chose venues who support live music to run these nights out of.

This activity is run by musicians for musicians. It’s a grass roots home-grown music community at its raw beautiful best!

Original Sound Lounge is not a Venue and these are not Gigs, it is a community of musicians showcasing their art supported by locally owned venues that support local independent and original artists growing in their careers with fair rates.

When the live music scene shut down, Original Sound Lounge took to the internet with the Virtual Pub. Based on the same blue print as the actual live gigs, just on line.

Every Friday evening and every Sunday evening these gigs are streamed live into the lounge rooms of our followers. They can kick back on their favourite chair or couch with the bevvy of their choice and immerse into the music. Local musos are featured, along with musos from other areas, just like we would normally would.

It’s simple to get involved – contact us through our Facebook page if you want to perform, or if you want to immerse in the music, tune into our page.

Robert Schumann said: “To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.” That is our aim during these times of COVID19.