Another attendance record for Grafton men’s golf

The participation numbers in all our various Golf competitions continues to impress, with last Saturdays 18-hole Stableford, attracting 143 starters, an increase of seven players over the previous Saturday, which is some sort of record.

A new member to our club Jordan Weller (23) absolutely smashed the field to record a massive 45pts to easily win the day, five (5) points clear of his nearest rival. Jordan’s effort was awarded with a 12-shot reduction to his handicap, which will no doubt, will be an incentive to maintain that form if he is to remain competitive in the future. A great round by the young man in anyone’s language.

Two players completed their rounds with 40pts, Chris Gannon (41) which gave him the win in D Grade, and the C Grade winner, Wayne Creighton (16). The D Grade r/up was Jesse Langford (21) with 38pts.  In C Grade Rob Miller (16) secured the r/up spot also with 38pts.

A visitor from Ballina Golf Club, Matthew Weir (scratch) took out A Grade on a c/b with 37 points from a player who regularly features in the results, Tony Gallagher (7).

Both Trent Dickson (10) and Derek Latimer (14) finished on 38pts in B Grade, and following the required c/b procedure, that was the order they finished in. 

To secure a pro-ball you required a score of 34 points or better to earn one.

Last Saturday’s event also served as the qualifier for the Grafton Undercover sponsored Singles Knockout with the top 16 golfers from that event progressing to the knockout series. 

A complete list of those in the draw is available at the Clubhouse. All first-round matches must be completed by no later than July 18.

There seems to be some confusion relating to the preferred lies playing conditions currently in place. Preferred lies are only permitted on the fairways at this time. Should your ball find its way onto a bare or rocky patch a penalty free drop may be taken at the nearest point of relief.

Our Tuesday golf specialist was at it again last Tuesday, Neil Hayward (17?) once again got the cash with an 18-hole score of 41pts to take the win for the day. Just the one point in arrears to Neil, was Bob Mawhinney (27) who was then followed by three players on 39, Ray Smith (16) and Peter Brennan (18). Ray was awarded the 2nd runner up spot on a c/b with the remaining two players having to settle for just a pro-ball.  All players with a score of more than 31pts also received a pro-ball.

Almost 70 players contested the Thursday competition with the winner on the day, Gary Pym (26) recording 40pts to just hold out Ron Baker (23) who claimed the 1st r/up spot with 39pts. Athol Green (13) was awarded the 2nd r/up position after surviving a five way c/b on 38pts. 

Pro balls went down to those on 34pts or better.

The Rod Gleeson Clarence Valley Rural Supplies Winter Consistency Trophy has commenced with the 1st round of the four round series completed in April. The 2nd round is to be held this coming Saturday with the 3rd and 4th rounds scheduled for July 25 and August 15.  The series is currently led by Greg Harvison, Graeme Lynn and Brett McConnell, all three sitting 41pts.  For a complete run down of all players and their position in the series is available at the Club House. Also available the conditions of play relating to the consistency series.

Next Saturday the competition will revert to the Stroke format, with the June monthly mug on the agenda. The mug this month being sponsored by City Centre Apartments and if past Saturday fields are any guide another 140 plus field is anticipated. Entries must be completed online, however post entries will be accepted. 

Players should note that there has been some slight relaxation to the rules relating to golf carts. Currently, two sets of golf equipment can be carried on the one cart, however only one person is permitted to ride on the cart, to comply with social distancing requirements. NO exceptions under any circumstances, failure to comply will result in a penalty of some kind.

An event which will need some thought is the 18-hole two person Ambrose scheduled for June 13. Now would be an appropriate time to organise your pairings and enter online accordingly. The event will also serve as the qualifying round for the Dennis Pye Grafton Glass sponsored two person Ambrose knockout for which 16 pairs will qualify.

The requirements relating to social distancing remain in place, as well as the self-marking of score cards, no bunker rakes, and the non-removal of flags. All players have been observing these requirements since their inception without complaint. Hopefully, we will see some relaxation of these rules before too long.

Ray Hopwood