Westlawn player numbers continue to increase

No less than 62 players (yes can you believe it 62 players), took to the back nine on Sunday for a four person Ambrose event.

Due to the fog, the first group was held up for about 10 – 15 minutes as we could not see the green let alone the pin position and when we walked of the green with a bogey I think we all thought we should have waited another five minutes.

As with all Ambrose events the scores are expected to be well below par and Sunday was not exception and I thought that to win the day your team would have to come in with a score in the mid twenty’s, and how close was I.

The best score of the day was a fine 26.1 nett from two teams; Blair, Taaffe, Ord and Strevens won on a c/b from Bickerton, Jenkin, Morgan and Johnson, closely followed by Casserly, Newman, Fletcher and Simpson with 28.1 nett and Miller, Lorenzo, Sutton and Duffy with 28.8 nett, next best was Reynolds, Winters, Blanch and Corrigan with 29.3 nett.

It was great to see Jim Corrigan back on the fairways after a break of six months and from what I saw as he approached the 18th green, he has not lost any of his old flair. It was also good to see Joe Leonard making a comeback after the injury he suffered after our game 3

three months ago, welcome back both of you.

Next week we will take on the front nine in an individual Stableford event (I think) and let’s see if we can have a new PB and beat the 62 starters from last Sunday. It is a long weekend so I think the 62 might be safe. Keep an eye out for Jason’s tee time text.

Dave Lynch