A once upon a time story


I would like to present a story to your readers. It is a good and worthwhile story however it does not have a happy ending at this point in time.

In the latter part of 1991, the Munns Creek Walking Track Reserve Trust at Waterview Heights was established to manage a small section of the former Grafton Walking Track. Myself, and a group of fellows came together to be part of the original trust and many things were accomplished during the first five years of operation. A small cottage was relocated from Armidale Road South Grafton and also a rotunda from Grafton near the hospital. A picnic area at Munns Creek was established and over the ensuing period the walk track to this picnic area was upgraded.

This rotunda is now used by local children as a bus shelter.

The initial term of five years ended on 12th December 1996. Subsequent Trust Members were appointed however due to a lack of interest the Reserve Trust has folded over the last few years. It became difficult to attract members as the funding from the former Lands Department dried up and it was expected that new trust members would be required to raise funds to operate. There has not been a trust in operation since September 2018. 

The park area at the track head was in a very sad state due to this inactivity. With funds left over from the last trust, it was mowed, limbs removed, and the dam cleared of fallen matter. For the moment it looked as though someone cared, however this was only short-lived as it is back to its unkept state.

The state of play at the moment is:

  • The Lands Department has decided that there are no funds for on-going maintenance or to revamp the walk track section to the former picnic area at Munns Creek. White ants had moved into the buildings, and they could be still active.
  • Recently Trust Members were led to believe that if there was no formal trust then the care and maintenance fell under the umbrella of Council.
  • It is noted that a substantial development is taking place along Hampton Road. The nearest park for these residents is at the Squash Courts area on Rogan Bridge Road. As I envisage that Council would levy the developer a sum for public spaces, these funds should be earmarked to provide a worthwhile park for the area. It could provide play equipment and fix up the small cottage. This cottage is in urgent need of repair. 

It is very disappointing to see that all the work done previously to create the park-like area is considered of low importance in the scheme of things. I request that either Council or the Lands Department look at this situation and initiate plans for the restoration and continued up-keep of this park and walk track to Munns Creek. 

The local residents who are increasing in number, are disappointed that the car park area which doubles as a bus shelter was allowed to fall into disrepair.

Kevin Walter, Waterview Heights