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A DAY TOGETHER Marriage Conference

Life has a way of overwhelming relationships. Jobs, social media, chores, activities, kids. Soon routines become ruts and before you know it, checking your email is more important than carving out some time together. Whether you’re married, engaged or dating, whether you attend church or not, you’re invited to A Day Together. It’s time to slow down, have some fun and reconnect with your partner. In just one day you will understand why couples drift apart and learn how to grow together. Topics will cover: getting below the surface, understanding yourself and your partner, communication and resolving conflict, sexual intimacy, and learning how to build a legacy for the next generation. You’ll find a warm, engaging atmosphere that’s all about making progress in your relationship, not placing blame. And there are no awkward group discussions – it’s just a time for you and your partner. The Power to Change husband and wife speaker team of Rex and Suan-Lee Campbell – who just celebrated 35 years of marriage and have presented Aussie marriage seminars for over 20 years – will use humour and personal stories to inspire you with the theme of cultivating oneness in your marriage. “It was a real awakening for me” said a previous attendee, “it has been a real turning point in our marriage and has brought a deeper love and understanding that we have not experienced before.” Whether you’re feeling challenged and on the brink, or have a good marriage and just want it to be even better, we can help you make progress. Join Maclean Presbyterian Church and Power to Change at the Angourie Rainforest Resort on Saturday 17th of September and let us help you discover a Love That Lasts! For further information and to register contact Mark Ohlmus or Paul Richards on 02 6645 2060.