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A cause very close to my heart

Capture   Coffs City Skydivers are going pink this October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Five dollars from every tandem skydive during October is being donated to support locals undergoing treatment following a diagnosis of breast cancer. My name is Kerry Weldon and I’m celebrating 10 years of being cancer free this year. At age 39, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and following 6 months of active treatment in Melbourne, and a major wake-up call on life, relocated to Coffs Harbour for a new start. Sadly, my partner of 21 years passed away suddenly only 4 years later, leaving me grief stricken and totally lost. That was until I discovered skydiving and the wonderful crew at Coffs City Skydivers, who were soon to become my second family. Jumping out of a perfectly good plane seemed like a momentous way to celebrate reaching the 5 year anniversary of being cancer free. And as soon as I landed I knew I’d found the exact thing that would help me cope on the anniversary of my partners death. I’d heard people speak about life changing experiences and now knew what they meant. Skydiving is now an integral part of my way of life and the support and friendship I’ve received has helped me to grow from the shattered person I was into who I am today. Maybe skydiving won’t be as life changing as it was for me but I can guarantee you that the team at Coffs City Skydivers will do everything in their power to give you the best experience of your life.