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Image: 2019 North Coast Skills Snapshot.

2019 North Coast Skills Snapshot

What do businesses on the Mid North Coast and North Coast need to help them prosper and grow? What are their plans for the future? How do they hire staff and how do they embrace innovation?

These are a few of the questions that Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (RDAMNC) and Regional Development Australia Northern Rivers (RDANR) asked business owners via their collaborative project, 2019 North Coast Skills Snapshot.

Insights from the survey and statistical data about the North Coast region have been collated into an informative document the “North Coast Skills Snapshot” and is available to download now from RDAMNC and RDANR’s websites.

The information contained in the Snapshot is an excellent resource for prospective and existing businesses, local councils and other government agencies.

“We designed it in a simple and clear infographic style to help the key decision-makers better understand the local skill gaps and key skills issues from the employers’ perspective,” said Tim Williamson, Director of RDA Northern Rivers.

“We will use the data and analysis to develop locally based policies and programs,” said Kerry Grace, Director of RDA MNC.

Over 180 responses were received from businesses representing the diverse range of industries that exist within the North Coast.

Key outcomes include 61% of business owners felt very likely to introduce new improved methods and processes, 58% of responding businesses in the region employ 1-10 people and 45% of respondents have a highly casualised workforce with over 50% working casually or part time.

60% of respondents indicated they do not have a workforce development plan, yet 57% indicated skill gaps within their organisations. Employers noted difficulties accessing labour markets utilising formal programs and methods. Employers told us that they require simple ways to find and employ the right staff.

With the responses from this survey in mind, RDAMNC and RDA Northern Rivers will continue their partnership to develop the first “North Coast Employment Strategy”.

“We need strategic solutions that are relevant to our regions, not cities. The North Coast Employment Strategy will identify opportunities as well as issues that need to be addressed and provide a roadmap for the region,” said Kerry Grace, Director of Regional Development, RDA Mid North Coast.

“Stakeholders will be invited to a series of workshops to contribute to the plan through April and May. We look forward to the feedback and insights we will be able to gather from direct interaction with all of those involved in this sector” said Tim Williamson, Director of Regional Development, RDA Northern Rivers.

Download the 2019 North Coast Skills Snapshot – HERE