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What’s happening at CRU3

The happy and friendly Yamba Walks Group will be starting up again on Thursday February 6, commencing at 8.30am sharp – and every Thursday thereafter.  This group commenced midway through last year and a has had a regular group attending most weeks; we all look forward to you joining us. The walk lasts for around an hour – but sometimes a little over. When we can, we try to finish in the vicinity of a coffee shop. Some stay on for coffee and a chat – but that is entirely optional, and at your own cost.

We walk a different route each calendar month and group leader Anne Dinham will update you by email towards the end of the previous month as to where the next meeting point will be. For February we will meet at the Yamba ferry wharf. There is a car park at the ferry wharf (bottom end of River Street). The walks are loosely based on the Yamba Museum’s historical walks – although much broken down. Some of the history is more recent…or just points of interest. The walks are not fast paced, and include a couple of stops to talk about what we are seeing. However, neither are they ‘slow walker’ friendly – and sometimes involve steps, sand or other challenges. There is no cost; the only requirement (for insurance purposes) is to sign on at the commencement of each walk, and Anne needs to know if you are leaving the walk early.

Walkers depart the meeting point at 8.30am  – or as close to that as we are organised. If you are late…you need to catch us up. The route remains much the same for the month – with slight variations where applicable. It is nice if you can let Anne know ahead if you are unable to be there – email is good…or text on the day. This is not essential however, as we start off at 8.30am with whoever is there.

If you would like to join the walkers, contact Anne Dinham at

At CRU3A membership day on Saturday 18 five new members signed on for the ever popular Croquet. On Tuesday 21 thirty two players managed twenty one games, despite a very hot morning. We welcome Jean and Howard after a break plus two new members, Sue and Graham and visitors Cathy and John. Winners were Dot and Graham, Gail and Mal, Rosemary and Warren, David and Susan, Richard and Di, John and Robyn, Paul and Joan, Karl and Mal, David and Ken, Susan and Rosemary, Ros and Morna, Karl and Gail, Howard and Mal, Susan and Dot, Christine and Ros, Lucy and Morna, Margery and David, Susan and Mal, Francis and John and Lucy and Graham. Two jump shots for Morna and Mal, one each for Francis, Dot and Richard, and Dot had the only hoop to hoop.

Thursday 23 Morna and Ros attended a meeting at Lawrence to decide this year’s Pennant competition.

On Friday 24 Francis had a jump shot and three wins partnering new member Maureen, Graham and Andrew. Morna had a jump shot and hoop to hoop in her win with Paul. Richard had two jump shots and a win with Dianne. Other winning teams were Gail and Dianne, Oliver and Graham, Del and Paul, Howard and Dianne and Jean and Graham.

Fifty three members attended Joy of Gardening’s first meeting on Friday 24, competition tables were well supported with a fine display of flowers, pot plants and floral art. Trading tables and raffles were also well stocked. Items of interest discussed along with our calendar of meetings and proposed outings. Woodburn Garden Club is visiting in February. They will visit several members’ gardens.

Laura O’Brien