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Yamba Yabbies Toastmasters

cvi   Toastmaster Jan Coleman chose ‘Dogs’ as her theme at our recent meeting.  Word of the night was ‘Inane’ meaning silly, void or lacking sense. Soap Box speaker was Pam speaking on Truckies – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Scary long envoys of trucks at night make driving quite challenging. However, one good deed was when she was helped by a ‘Good’ truckie who assisted her on her drive to Brisbane. Fact Master Michael spoke on ‘Change’ and how it effects all we do. Caz presented her persuasive speech on ‘Know your roduct’.  Her advice was to ask ‘What is it made of?’ ‘Where did it come from?’ and ‘How was it made?’ She also persuaded us to consider the essence of Palm Oil and the ethics of its production. The Round Robin recounted cat, dog, goannas, snakes and ex-wife stories which were humorous and entertaining.  Deyann gave an educational speech on ‘Presentation Skills’ with an inspiring Power Point.  Evaluators Noel and Pam gave in depth feedback, points for commendation and improvement.  Table topics Master Noel gave us a variety of personal reflective topics that were enlightening and cathartic. In all it was another great night for those in attendance.  Toastmaster Caz was presented with her Competent Communicator Award.  Congratulations Caz! Yamba Yabbies invite guests to come along an enjoy an evening with them on any 1st or 3rd Monday of the month at Yamba Bowling Club, 6.30 for 7pm.  Contact Pam 0439 447 412.