Yamba Tramps golf

The Tramps (being the dedicated bunch that they are) continued to play over the festive break and an overview of results follows:

December 23 – This week it was our younger member, Wade Gimbert who DELI-vered; to slice up the competition and wrap up a great win. Ken Lillie managed the r/up spot. The Tramps Trophy went to Geoff Bradbery.

NTP’s: 3rd – Kevin Franey and 9th – Ken Lillie. Raffle to Neil Franey.

It was great to welcome two visitors, Kevin Franey and Scott Reed who are in the area visiting family. There certainly seemed to be some friendly family rivalry going on.

December 30 – Mal Cocks was methodical as he assessed each hole, implemented his low risk strategy, thus avoiding hazards and insured a solid win. Ken Lillie was r/up for a second consecutive week. Wade Gimbert remained consistent and managed to take out the Tramps Trophy this week.

NTP’s: 10th – Al Bruchert, 12th – Pete Berger & 17th – Denis Kelly. Ryan Brophy returned to take out the raffle. January 6 – Ken Hall displayed some precision engineering to take out well played win, to now become the Tramps lowest handicap player on record. Peter Jarman was reluctantly relegated to the r/up spot. Ryan Brophy was most convincing in securing the Tramps Trophy.

NTP’s: 3rd – Bruce Douglass and 9th – Polly Paulsen. The raffle went to Bruce Douglass …………. yet again. 

Back nine next week.

We would also like to acknowledge the sad passing of our outstanding former Tramps Club President – Eric Ritchie on New Years Day. Eric will long be remembered for his impeccable integrity, quick dry wit and the enormous contribution he made to the club. Thanks mate.

Al Bruchert