Yamba Squash finals week

Here we are at the last week of finals at Yamba Squash Centre. In the Monday night competition unless the ‘Banana’ team pull their socks up the ‘Apple’ team will runaway with a clean win as Bob Aitkin and Dean Turner winning all their matches in 3. Other matches on Monday night saw Lauren Mikkelsen play two five setters to win one and lose one and then Wendi Moffitt record a good five set win over Roger Varcoe. Only one match played in both the divisions in the Wednesday night competition. In Division 1 Kash Robinson got off to a slow start against Paul Smith and then took most of the match to realize that Paul was a left hander. Regardless Kash managed to win the match in four and will go on to play in the finals. In Division 2 Paul Goyma surprised Paul Tarasenko by winning the first game and this game could make the difference between his team the ‘Artichokes’ winning the finals over the ‘Broccoli’ team. Paul Tarasenko went onto win the match in four. In both divisions the other semis finals will be played early this week so it will be the grand finale on Wednesday night. On both Monday and Wednesday night there will be supper and prize presentations at the completion of all finals. The draws for the 2015 Club Championships will be on the notice board for all players to see when they are playing over the next two weeks. The players competing in the doubles please note that they could be playing on a different night to what they are used to but it is only for two weeks. Also players need to take note of the time they are playing. All finals of all divisions will be played on Thursday June the 7th. The Winter competition will begin straight after completion of the Club Championships so if you have not got your name down for this competition now is the time. There is a grade for all levels of player and it’s in a nice and warm environment compared to a lot of other winter sports. Squash can be played by anyone that is prepared to enjoy a good run and working up a sweat and winter is the perfect time to start. Give Sue and Steve Pilley a ring to find out more about the competition and what’s available. Susan Pilley