Yamba rock pool

Ed, Once more Council has failed in its responsibility to keep the Yamba rock pool in a usable condition. The popular pool has been unapproachable for a number of days due to the putrid smell of rotted seaweed within it. The smell is obvious to anyone walking down the roadway or sitting on the grass behind the beach. Yamba Beach is a major tourist drawcard in the Clarence Valley electorate, yet it has been given minimum attention for many years. The beach is crowded at present with Queensland visitors and NSW school holiday makers just arriving and it is a sad indictment on Council that the condition of the pool was not monitored prior to the holidays to prevent this deplorable situation. Also, the access track from the bend in the concrete path leading to Convent Beach is completely overgrown. The first section is good but then it becomes a very narrow winding track created by frustrated pedestrians. It is a pity this was not rectified prior to the present school holidays also. John and Rae McNamara, Yamba