Yamba ‘Pacific Blue Tournaments’ a victim of COVID-19

No social bowls at the time of writing this – but may happen when the numbers issue is relaxed a little more. Keep your eye on the postings from the Club and our Facebook page.

Our committee held their first meeting since the beginning of the lockdown to sort out a few issues and this column is to enlighten you about our forward path.

Firstly, sadly, we have had to cancel both Blue Pacific Tournaments for this year. I am sure most of you would understand that under the present climate of uncertainty it would be impossible to offer invitations to any event at our Club.

With the Club opening on June 1 with restricted numbers and entry only through the front doors – it is important to note that for the time being there will be processes to perform on entering the Club – i.e. swiping of your card both entering and departing. There will be no cash transactions – all transactions will be by card – Eftpos or Bowlo Bucks.

Also, at this stage – when bowls does return it will be afternoon games as the Club will not be open until 10am. And all selection and handing out of cards will occur in the BBQ area. No longer will the tags for entry to games be used – entries will be accepted by phoning the Club. A selector will be available on the phone in the hour leading up to bowls starting. Green fees will also be paid by card, with staff members on hand to assist and I am told you will even be able to order your coffee hit by the same means, which will put a smile on a few faces. 

Also, bring your own water bottles as water and cups will no longer be provided on the greens as in the past.

The AGM date is as yet unknown, but we will let you know when bowls returns.

Understand that many points in this column could change as we advance further into easing of lockdowns and I will endeavour to keep you posted via this column.

Everything is going to feel so strange for all of us when we return to bowls but we are in strange times and it is important for us to shrug off the feeling of being in a different world and find a little normality in playing the game we love, and being with our bowling friends again. 

See you all soon – we hope.

On Shot