Yamba Ocean Swim

The annual Yamba Ocean Swim from Convent Beach to Main Beach, Yamba, was held on Monday, December 28. The 700 metre event was held in ideal swimming conditions, but the strong southerly wind forced race officials to slightly modify the two kilometre (event) course. Fifteen-year-old Sawtell swimmer Ky Kinsella dominated events, taking out all three male events. Kinsella won the 700 metre swim in a time of eight minutes and 39 seconds from Yamba tri-athlete Lindsay Wall, with Brisbane swim coach Trent Grimsey in third place. In the two kilometre swim, Kinsella led throughout to win in a time of 21 minutes 41 seconds from Ben Jimmison with Grimsey again in third place. Kinsella then backed up to win the 150 metre dash for cash. In the women’s events, Olympic 10km swimmer Melissa Gorman from Brisbane took out the 700 metre swim in a time of 9 minutes 49 seconds from Megan Hoare and Gabrielle Grieves. The two kilometre event was taken out by fourteen-year-old Sawtell swimmer Mette Klinkers who surfed past Gorman on a wave to snatch victory with Newcastle’s Gabrielle Grieves again in third place.