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Yamba hill residents notified of landslip risk

The highlighted area shows properties in the Yamba landslide risk zone. Image: Contributed.
Some residents on Yamba hill have been advised to watch for potential landslips following heavy rain in the area over the past five days. Clarence Valley Council works and civil director, Troy Anderson, said council monitored rainfall events on the hill so it could warn landowners and property managers of any increased risk of landslip in an area known as the Yamba landslide risk zones (see attached image). “With the heavy rain over the past few days, we have now reached red alert levels,” he said. “If landowners or other occupiers notice any sign of soil movement they should consider evacuating the site and should notify council immediately. “We have an engineer on standby to investigate any concerns, but at the moment there have been no problems reported. “We notified the occupiers of the 15 affected properties with this information on Saturday.”