Yamba development


In October 2001 I received from Clarence Valley Council, a brochure asking for the people’s impute on how big Yamba should be. I had at that time sufficient knowledge of town planning to submit my personal views. I did receive a thank you letter from the council.

My submission did call for certain things to take place which had happened, such as the widening of the Oyster Channel bridge, an ambulance station and if scenario 2 was adopted, (mainly 10,000 persons) with the need to not only raise the height of the existing land in the West Yamba section but also the existing road with a roundabout at Carr’s drive. 

The flooding that has occurred recently and so many times since then. justifies this as essential. I also stressed the loss of trees (when a development takes place) should be replaced by the developer.

Council had done an excellent job on Yamba Road. But this should not end there, as my opposition and the community’s opposition, should see no further development take place in Carr’s Drive. And the tree lined barrier should be the ultimate barrier buffering Lake Wooloweyah. Despite further pressure that may be exercised for more development.

On Wednesday the 29th of December because of Council works being implemented together, we experienced the worse slow traffic snarl coming and going into Yamba, and even at holiday times this is bad for the people to have addressed. I know I am not going to see this bypass road ever come to fruition. As I see some of the plans that are shown in The Independent, I see houses backing on to one another in cases with no walkways or rest parks suitably placed, I try and visualise the garbage trucks and how are they going to get down the streets if additional cars are parking in street spaces, this may also have to be addressed.  With the increase of people, will these developers make the necessary contributions to help with leisure parks or will the council need to take on more to suit the public needs?

Noel B Charles, Yamba