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Yamba Chamber seeking young blood

Lynne Mowbray | The Yamba Chamber of Commerce is seeking new members with fresh and innovative ideas to take over the running of the Chamber and steer it into the future. The executive committee are hoping that a younger, more dynamic team could breathe life back into Chamber, with fresh ideas to inspire the businesses of Yamba. Yamba Chamber of Commerce President Debbie McCredie said that the Chamber needs a fresh look and new ideas. “Whenever there is a changeover of any business or executive there’s always that new fresh approach to things,” said Ms McCredie. “Because we haven’t had a changeover of our executive staff for literally years, with the exception of one or two, we’ve still got the same people there, so basically the change that the chamber needs is some new fresh thoughts and ideas coming into it. “The ones who have been in the chamber for many years have done an amazing job, but it is time for them to move on now. “They’re all retired business people and they have done their service to the community and now it’s time for some new blood,” she said. Ms McCredie said that the way that businesses are being run these days is different now; due to a strong online presence. “With the younger ones, they have been brought up with this new technology and it’s the only way they have known and it’s second nature to them, whereas we’re still stuck in our traditional ways of doing business,” she said. The NSW Business Chamber will be guest speakers at the next Yamba Chamber Breakfast meeting, which will be held on 28 March at 7am, at the Block Bar and Cafe, in Coldstream Street, Yamba. “The NSW Business Chamber will be doing a membership drive in Yamba and at the breakfast meeting they will be speaking on why we should have a Chamber and why you should be in the Chamber,” said Ms McCredie. “When we are busy running our own businesses we don’t get that opportunity to see other business owners and to network and these breakfast meetings are a good opportunity to do that. “It’s a way in which we can find out about each other and promote each other’s business, especially to visitors. “Also, as a business owner, I’ve found that we are our best ambassadors for tourism. “At the last three breakfast meetings which we‘ve held, we have received many positive comments so far, and the majority have been regarding the networking side of it. “We encourage anyone who would like to know more about the Chamber or is interested in becoming part of the new executive at the next AGM, to come along to our next breakfast meeting,” she said. For more information contact: Yamba Chamber of Commerce Inc., P O Box 278, Yamba. NSW 2464 or phone 0499 588 137. You can email at