World Environment Day this Wednesday!


Thanks to our local paper for celebrating World Environment Day June 5 with a 4-page feature on this topic in last week’s paper.

52 years after the concept of celebrating World Environment Day was established at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden it’s great to know that 2 local business enterprises that focus on waste minimisation understand when World Environment Day really should occur.

Our local paper’s feature promotes the efforts of NSW government’s and Clarence Valley Council’s Community Recycling Centres at Grafton and Maclean that operate 7 days a week and NSW government’s “return and earn” drink containers drop-off centre in Grafton that operates 6 days a week. 

These organisations get it! World Environment Day is every day of the year for any person of any age and for any species that breathes!

And if you value your children and grandchildren as much as you value yourself and are concerned about the effects of climate pollution and if you understand your vital need for clean AIR, unpolluted WATER, uncontaminated SOIL and SPECIES DIVERSITY you need to make every day World Environment Day.

All the best in the future you choose for those you cherish and for other species that never have a vote for the future they depend on for their survival.


Harry Johnson, Iluka