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Women’s Health and Physiotherapy

The Facts: There are 11 Million women in Australia and…many do not have access to reliable health information Over 50% are overweight or obese 55% have faced significant stress in the last year Heart disease is the leading cause of death 1 in 3 will develop cancer before the age of 85 More than 70% have experienced a sexual problem in the last year 30-40% of women are affected by urinary incontinence 50% of women who give birth experience symptoms of prolapse 50% of women experience Pelvic Girdle Pain during pregnancy Physiotherapy for women’s health conditions is a speciality area for physiotherapists requiring further training following graduation. Veronica Barker is an APA titled sports physiotherapists with over 25 years’ experience in physiotherapy. I have done extensive work in both women’s and men’s health and I am certified in Dance Medicine Australia Clinical Pilates for pre and post pregnancy exercise. I also use real time ultrasound to accurately assess pelvic floor muscle function. There are a number of women’s health conditions physiotherapists can assess and treat. The main conditions we address are: Incontinence, Prolapse, Pre and postnatal musculoskeletal conditions, Pre and post gynaecological surgery, Pelvic floor disorders Many women will come across at least one of these problems during their lifetime. With a thorough assessment and treatment by a women’s health physiotherapist the majority of the above problems can be resolved conservatively via an individualised treatment program. I work closely with your gynaecologist/obstetrician to ensure the best results for every client. At Velocity Physio we have private and small group clinical pilates exercise classes which are a great way to improve and maintain your health. I run two bump& baby clinical pilates classes per week. Bump and baby clinical pilates is a pre and postnatal exercise class designed for all stages of pregnancy and for mums to bring their babies along for a fun, interactive class. For more information on our services and classes or for our most recent timetable please contact the clinic on 6645 1174, or follow us on facebook: velocity physio