“Pass on what you have learned” – Yoda. Image: Contributed

What would Yoda say?

Overhead clouds and gusty winds resulted in one shooter relying on their lucky charm to help keep the wind gremlins at bay.

“Yoda” took up his place in the shooters bullet box. Throughout the Star Wars movies, Yoda has shared wise words of wisdom that many a shooter could learn from.

Some of Yoda’s many quotes include:

“Do or Do Not. There is no try.” (This is simple lesson in commitment and the power in giving something our all).

“The greatest teacher, failure is.” (We learn from our mistakes, plain and simple)

“Pass on what you have learned.” (The wisdom we gain in life is a gift to pass along, not to keep to ourselves. Make like Yoda and share your insights with others)

Courtney Ada is one example of how these words of wisdom benefit the shooter. New to the sport, she has shown commitment to give it her all. Club members have passed on to her, the knowledge they have gained through experience and Courtney has taken all of this onboard. She has made mistakes; she has asked questions and she has tried again. This week Courtney competed in Hunter class and won both the Off Rifle and Handicap trophy for the day. Well done Courtney and congratulations to the club members who have supported Courtney and shared their knowledge with her over the past weeks.

We would like to invite anyone who is interested in trying target shooting to visit the range or contact us on Grafton Rifle Club’s Facebook page for more details. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers Log Mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm (open Saturday’s).

This week’s scores: 

Target Rifle               Score 1  Score 2  Total      H/cap   Agg

Wayne Pearson           49.3       47.2        96.5        3           99

Derek Higgins             45.1       45.2        90.3        8           98

Peter Brown                50.4       46.3        96.7        0.5        96.5

Dave Grundy              48.6       44.1        92.7        1.5        93.5

F Class                                                                                  

Sue Bloomer               59.6       60.3        119.9     1.5        120.5

Andrew Kattenhorn   58.7       57.5        115.12   4           119

John Bloomer             58.2       56.2        114.4     3.5        117.5

Dennis Hilton             53.0       54.2        107.2     6.5        113.5

Dave Lancaster           53.1       51.2        104.3     9           113

Hunter Class                                                                       

Courtney Ada             49.3       50.5        99.8        NA       99

Shane Budd                 46.2       46.2        92.4        7           99

Dave Lancaster           47.2       49.5        96.7        0.5        96.5

Peter Brown                47.4       47.4        94.8        0.5        94.5

Sue Bloomer