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The Grafton Sailing Club during flooding. Image: Emma Pritchard.

Wet weather and humid days bringing pest plague to NSW

  • With the recent flood waters now receding, the subsequent warmer weather has created perfect conditions for rodent and spider plagues across NSW
  • New research reveals that just over three quarters of people living in NSW have experienced pest problems in the last five years
  • Fantastic Services Group is encouraging homeowners to increase their pest control to curb their chances of infestation

Australia has just experienced the most extreme flood conditions seen in years as the result of our sudden and unpredictable wet weather. After thousands of people across NSW evacuated their homes and with floodwaters now receding, residents are returning to their flood damaged homes finding that they are riddled with unwelcome guests.

NSW residents are being warned that the recent wet weather combined with the sudden warmer temperatures that followed will bring with it a plague of pests. These conditions heighten the chances of an infestation of rodents and spiders, as well as other creepy crawlies that thrive in damp, humid spaces.  

Pest expert and co-founder of Fantastic Services Group, Rune Sovndahl says, “such extreme wet weather conditions followed by warm, humid days creates the perfect conditions for a spider and rodent outbreak.

The floods especially will have driven these pests out of their homes and into ours. We are already seeing an increased amount of movement of these pests after the flood crisis,” says Sovndahl.

According to research conducted by the Fantastic Services Group, in the last five years, three-quarters (76%) of people in NSW have experienced pest problems, with almost a third (29%)  experiencing a spider infestation and 12% experiencing rodent issues. These numbers are only set to increase as a result of the recent weather events. Due to the unpredicted deluge, protection from pests should be on homeowners’ agendas.

“We encourage homeowners to get on top of their pest control so that they are not affected. If you have never had a professional pest control treatment done to your home before, now is the time.

“Keep in mind that any pesticide treatments carried out before the floods will have likely washed away and will no longer be effective in keeping your home protected from pests,” says Sovndahl.

NSW residents are also being warned to be on the lookout for the deadly funnel-web spiders as their bites are toxic.

“When you return to your home, ensure that you do a thorough check for any pests. If you know what areas of the home may need extra attention for example, attics, garages, or the kitchen, it will make the process quicker and easier for professionals to treat,” says Sovndahl.

In the wake of the floods, Fantastic Services Group encourages homeowners to keep their families safe by staying vigilant with their pest control and topping up recent treatments.