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Westpac helicopter drops in to schools

cvi   The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter dropped in on two Clarence Valley Schools on Friday 11 August, as part of its Rescue Day appeal celebrations. Students from both the Clarence Valley Anglican School and Maclean High School had the opportunity to see the helicopter up close and ask the pilot and crew questions regarding the helicopter service. At Maclean High School, Engineering Science teacher Neville Lang, gave his students in years 11 and 12, the opportunity to learn firsthand from helicopter pilot Jason Cusack. Students gathered around Mr Cusack to learn about the helicopter rotors (which is included in the engineering students curriculum), along with other information regarding the running operations of the helicopter. Pilot Jason Cusack told the students that he started work as a pilot in his mid twenties flying to offshore oil and gas rigs. “It’s a lot more challenging working as a rescue helicopter pilot,” said Mr Cusack. “Flying in to an accident site at night or an area you’ve never been to before can be a bit of a worry, but with the aid of night vision goggles and people on the ground giving directions, you just take your time to assess the situation before committing to the landing. “The most fulfilling part of this job is the interaction with the community. “It’s exciting to see the community embrace the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, as their own. “In the oil and gas corporate world, it’s all about money, but this job is all about community service,” he said.