Westlawn Golf Club

With the bus trip away to Iluka on Sunday there is not much to report about golf at Westlawn today but I do have some news about the future of the Westlawn Golf Club.

At the meeting held on course on Saturday there was a committee voted in for the Westlawn Golf Club Inc. with the following people being elected: president – Dave Lynch; vice president – Pat Hagan; treasurer – Bob Tyler; secretary/pubic officer – Leonie Gardner.

There are other positions to be filled including men’s and women’s captain and sponsor co-ordinators but they can be done at a later date. Thank you to all those that nominated for the positions and to everyone for turning up on Saturday. LONG MAY WE PLAY.

Next Sunday will be a 4BBB Stroke event. The starters will be T Ord and J Blanch with D Tasker to handle the results.

Sunday December 1 will be a Stroke event for the monthly medal winners to contest the Gold Medal Trophy in conjunction with a Single Stroke event. Starters will be G Jackson and D Clark with P Curd to handle the results.

Sunday December 8 will be our Christmas event with lunch and presentations back at the GDSC. Starting and results will be handles by the committee.

Dave Lynch