North Coast

The Greens candidate for Page, Kashmir Miller. Image: Contributed

We Cannot Engineer Our Way Out of Climate Change

Green’s Candidate for Page’s Response to Kevin Hogan’s Flood Mitigation Study Plan

The Greens candidate for Page, Kashmir Miller has spoken out against Nationals MP Kevin Hogan’s announcement that there will not be further debate on flood mitigation.

Kashmir says “It is important that our flood adaption plan is not reduced to only engineering strategies. We need flexible and adaptive strategies for residential areas and business, green infrastructure, and for the government to work with flood survivors to implement land swaps.”

The Greens support an ongoing community consultation process that ensures voices are not lost in this critical time. “For Kevin Hogan to claim that the ‘debate is over’ is silencing fresh initiatives and reducing this climate disaster to a single solution. Engineering solutions are far from the end of this debate. This is a crucial time for pioneering change and implementing innovative solutions that will mitigate climate change and protect our environment”.

Miller also condemns Hogan’s comments regarding previous councils. “This flood is not an opportunity for electioneering, and the mitigation strategies of the past council are not to blame. The levee has proven to be a failure at protecting people in North and South Lismore. They deserve far better than this.”

The Greens support continuous community consultation around flood mitigation and adaption that incorporates affordable housing strategies and affordable rental property, mental health considerations and a transition to renewable energy to combat climate change.