We can do much better this winter

Australia has a proud history of being one of the world’s most compassionate countries. However, as the cold months set in, there are tens of thousands of Aussies who still need a helping hand from Red Cross. Last year we helped more than 20,000 people who were lonely and at risk of serious illness or injury. During the recent devastating storms, Red Cross volunteers were on deck to help people affected right across NSW. We must never accept that life can’t be better for our families, friends and neighbours. In winter, it’s the poorest who often suffer most, including young homeless people and families struggling to make ends meet. A donation to Red Cross before 30 June will ensure we can continue to carry out our work such as keeping in touch with the vulnerable and isolated to ensure they are safe; it will help provide breakfast for Aussie kids, who would otherwise go to school hungry and help in times of disaster in Australia and across the region. It will help us to work in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. To donate, or for more information, go to redcross.org.au. Jody Broun, New South Wales Executive Director, Australian Red Cross