Watch out Ned Kelly, here comes Schapelle

Dear Ed, What is up with us Australians, making heroes out of crooks? Are the paparazzi that hard-up for news that they have to bombard us with the never-ending Schapelle saga? Most of us are sick to death of hearing about Miss Corby and the spectacle being made of her. I suppose Malcolm Turnbull is happy that the media attention is taken off his budget. Imagine the extra time and money spent by the Bali government, I bet they wish that they had never heard of the woman. Next we will get the personal interviews, with the TV stations falling over their wallets to get in first. If Schapelle is not allowed to do it, there will be plenty of insiders or so-called friends who will be more than willing. Maybe a movie in the making? Come on Aussie, let’s change channels and watch re-runs of Big Dog, which we would find more interesting. Guilty or not Schapelle has served her time and should be left to get on with life. I Faulkner, Yamba