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Vox Pop nose in parking

The Clarence Valley Independent hit the streets of Grafton recently to find out what the locals think of the proposed CVC nose-in parking trial, set to commence over the next month.

Amy Sullivan: I don’t want the Grafton CBD to have nose-in parking because it will only create bigger traffic jams. It takes a long time just to pull out of a parking spot as it is when there are cars lined up along Prince St, and if everyone has to reverse out of a spot, it’s going to cause chaos.

Bruce Watts: If council wants to implement nose-in parking in our CBD, I’ll stop parking in the area and just walk to the shops instead. It’s a terrible idea.

Jayce King: I think it could work out ok. I support the idea because it’s a good change.

Melanie Jenkins: No way, it’s a maddening concept. I don’t support it.

John Franklin: It’s a good idea because there have been too many drivers who have reversed into shops recently and nose-in parking is a safer alternative.

Kathryn Parker: It’s a great idea. It will make our CBD a safer place. People won’t have to fear reversing cars as they walk along the footpath and they won’t breathe in exhaust fumes either. Environmentally, I think it’s a great idea which will promote cleaner air in a populated area.