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United Hospital Auxiliary AGM

Dr. Andrew White with the new Portable Point of Care Ultrasound machine.
Dr. Andrew White with the new Portable Point of Care Ultrasound machine.


On Monday July 27 the United Hospital Auxiliary Held their monthly meeting followed by the AGM. There were 46 members and guests present with 7 apologies recorded.
President Alba Linklater opened the meeting, the motto recited and a minutes silence for past lost members.
Grafton Base Hospital Executive Officer, Mr. Dan Madden was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.
UHA. Northern District Rep. Molly Strong attended the meetings along with invited guests Jim & Grace Agnew, Mayor Ritchie Williamson, Federal Member for Page Mr. Kevin Hogan, National M.P. Chris Gulaptis, UHA Patron`s Ron Bell & Shirley Adams, Red Cross, The Whiddon Group, Deputy Director of Nursing Heather Baker, Occupational Health & Safety Officer Lyn Harris, all were made welcome.
A number of the above mentioned guests spoke to the meeting all given high praise to the committee and members of the UHA for a very successful year to date.
Dr. Tyson and Dr. Andrew White attended the meeting and brought along the newly arrived “Portable Point of Care Ultrasound machine” purchased by the UHA at a cost of $68,952. Both Dr`s were delighted to receive this machine and thanked the members for their dedication and hard work in raising the money. A portion of the cost of this machine was due to the UHA receiving a generous donation from our late member, Patron and Life Member Mrs. Kit Donnelly.
Having such an important machine enables the Dr`s to treat the patients in the hospital and not have to send patients to other imaging centres. It is an important diagnostic tool and due to it being portable it can be used in the operating theatres, in the emergency Dept for seriously ill patients, ICU, as well as on the wards.
The election of officers for 2015-2016 committee were elected with the following members holding office: President – Alba Linklater, 1st Vice President – Kerrie Dimattia, 2nd Vice President – Debra Prendergast, Secretary – Marcia Bartlett, Assistant Secretary – Margaret Garnham, Treasurer – Gwynneth Quilty, Assistant Treasurer – Judy Irving, Publicity Officer – Elizabeth Holdway, Raffle Coordinator – Heather Grantham. Congratulations to all elected on the committee.
The next monthly meeting will be held on Monday August 24th, commencing at

1pm, it is held in the Education Centre at the rear of the hospital. Following the meeting afternoon tea is provided. New members are always welcome, inquiries can be made by phoning 6644 8329 or 6643 4777 or just come along to the next meeting.
Elizabeth Holdway