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Image: Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter

Unexpected guest injures boaters

Two of three men, who were returning from a fishing trip off Wooli last Thursday May 23, were injured when a marlin left the water and landed in their boat.

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter attended the incident.

“The boat was doing about 50kph when the marlin entered the boat,” a rescue helicopter media release stated.

“The helicopter critical care medical team and Ambulance Service NSW paramedics have treated both patients and a 36-year-old male [was] flown to Coffs Harbour Hospital with multiple injuries and possible fractures.

“[He] is a satisfactory condition and the second patient is being transported by road to Grafton.”

The independent was unable to talk to anybody who attended the incident as they were busy elsewhere and unavailable for comment.

However, ABC Mid North Coast reported that Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter aircrew member Michael Kerry said: “The gentleman who was closest to the fish saw it at the very last moment and put his arm up to protect himself, and mainly his head, and that’s when the fish has impacted and caused most of the damage.

“He has a very deep laceration to that arm as well as fractures.

“…It all happened so fast that they didn’t really know what had happened to them.

“All they saw was this big fish jump out of the water and hit right into them.”

NSW Police reportedly said: “The marlin’s sharp snout sliced open the younger brother’s lower right arm, causing an open fracture.

“The older brother suffered a deep cut to his right shoulder.”

The injuries, police said, were not considered life-threatening.