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Two more Grey Wolves on the prowl in the North Coast

cvi   On Monday the 27th June, it was with great pleasure to award Andrew and Stella with the highest Cub award – The Grey Wolf. In order to earn this award, the pair had a number of challenges to meet along the way, including: • Attending a minimum of 4 outdoor activities, one of which must be – an over night camp, an inter-pack activity, using a map, plan and lead a hike/day walk of at least 2 hours duration with a leader and a group of 3 to 6 Cub Scouts, making sure that everyone has appropriate equipment and clothing, food and a personal first aid kit for the chosen walk/hike. • Have been included in 2 pack councils (where they get together with their ‘six’ and come up with ideas on what to do or would like to do and take it too the leaders). • Complete 4 level 2 achievement badges (1 from each of the badge categories) and one special interest badge. All of these should be completed by the cub as an individual rather than a pack activity. • Develop/create and present a resource for the pack based on your understanding of the Jungle Books. • Achieve their Gold Boomerang. Both of these Cubs worked really hard to achieve all of these over the last 12 months. We as leaders and the Pack are really proud of the effort they have put into this. These two are our respectively our 4th and 5th awardees of this since we restarted the group in 2013. Well done Cubs. Sue ‘Akela’ Day