Traffic light decision


No traffic lights for Yamba. Another big thank you to the councillors who listened to what the majority of Yamba residents wanted.

If traffic lights were to be installed at the bottom of Treelands Drive; as day follows night, we would have them when the new subdivision at Acacia Circuit opens, Osprey Drive, Carrs Road, Shores Drive and possibly other intersections.

In other words, we will be a mini Coffs Harbour traffic light nightmare. That’s not a “Fit for the Future”… that is going backwards.

When approaching a roundabout, you will slow down, unless you go straight on and pick out the foliage from your grille when you get home.

Being a keen motorcyclist who has ridden in every state and territory plus Asia, I am very wary when I take off from a green light not to end up a mascot on an orange light runner’s bonnet. Give me a roundabout any day.

As to pedestrian crossings I’m sure there will be pedestrian refuges like the one opposite Centrelink further down the town end. Of course, we all want to see Yamba progress, but sensibly. I’ve travelled through over 40 countries and after attending the council meeting at 1.30pm on a cold and wet Tuesday to see a packed “standing room only” crowd against traffic lights I thought “yep” Yamba is the place for me.

Peter Bradbury,