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The Education Centre offer one on one support

It’s the start of a new year at school. A time to look ahead with confidence and know that you’ll do a good job. You’re organised, up to date with assignments and ready to do the extra yards to make it work!

What about if that’s not how it is? What about if your confidence is lagging, what about if you don’t get it from last year in Maths, maybe your essay writing could do with a helping hand. Do you need help planning and completing assignments?

The Education Centre in Duke St, Grafton, has dedicated and caring teachers and tutors ready to help you with a wide range of subjects and needs. We support what you are doing in the classroom at school and help you with the details, just helping to keep you on track and answer questions that you may not like to ask at school.

We have small group (3-4 students), buddy lessons (2 students) both of which are excellent value and work in a positive way for students. We also have individual lessons available.

By doing this we also support your teachers, too, helping you to gain confidence and be a valuable asset in your classroom. Call Grafton 0420 982 981 or go to