Thank God for the Salvos

Ed, Suffering comes in many forms, but so does hope. There’s no shortage of bad news around, but whether it’s fire, flood, addiction, family violence or another crisis, we believe no one should have to go it alone. Statistics show that in a typical week, thousands of Australians turn to The Salvation Army for 100,000 meals, 2000 beds and 8000 food vouchers for Aussies in need. It’s vital support for many, and it’s only possible because of the “army behind the Army” – we can’t do it alone. So right now, an amazing army of “hope-givers” – everyday people from the local community – are signing up to give us an hour or two in support of our Doorknock. Whether it is doorknocking, organising, catering, raising money, or cheering your friends on, there are plenty of easy, fun ways get involved. You can get a group together, bring the family and make a day of it – collecting vital funds and making a real difference to suffering Aussies as you do. Everyone is welcome to join us on the weekend of Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May, as we pull together for those in crisis. Call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58) or register online at salvos.org.au/volunteer Major Bruce Harmer, Secretary, Communications and Fundraising Department, The Salvation Army.