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Success For Every Learner – St Joseph’s Maclean – a Professional Learning Community at Work

cvi   Every student has a success story waiting to be told… At St Joseph’s Maclean teachers work together as a Professional Learning Community putting their heads and hearts into making decisions about students learning. This allows our school to make sure all students can celebrate success, grow academically, socially and spiritually, ensuring a bright future for all. This learning is ensured by a team approach of expert educators working together to make sure all students engage in essential learning. No child is left behind in this endeavour, no gaps are allowed to develop in the development of skills and thinking and know how  for our young learners. A safe and supportive environment built around the teaching of do done unto you others as you would have others do to you allows students to feel they belong to a school that loves  them  and cares for them everyday. Please take the time to visit our school, see our students engaged in their work and the smiles on their faces as they celebrate their success stories.