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State Senior Pairs Championships

Played at District Level were played at Yamba Bowling Club commencing Tuesday 19th April. Round 1: B Cross, I Whitney (M) 22 d D Allison, J Axon (SG) 4; L Robertson, J Weatherstone (GDS) 15 d S Pye, A McCausland (I) 13; A Bowling, L Demmery (GDS) 17 d P McMullen, P Welsh (I) 15; S Robinson, G Ryan (SG) 29 d P Conley, B Shatte (Y) 6; V Terry, Conlan (Y) d J Watkinson, V Nicholson (M) 9. Round 2: E McKew, M Andrew (SG) 30 d B Cross, I Whitney (M) 9; L Robertson, J Weatherstone (GDS) 20 d A Bowling, L Demmery (GDS) 13; V Terry, M Conlan (Y) 17 d S Robinson, G Ryan (SG) 11; A Williams, B Murray (GDS) 18 d B Ford, C Kane (SG) 10. Semi-final: (Tuesday 21st April) E McKew, M Andrew (SG) 21 d L Robertson, J Weatherstone (GDS) 11; A Williams, B Murray (GDS) 15 d V Terry, M Conlan (Y) 13. Final: E McKew, M Andrew (GDS) 24 d A Williams, B Murray (GDS) 10. Congratulations to the team of E McKew and M Andrews of South Grafton Women’s Bowling Club winners of the inaugural State Senior Pairs Championship.