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St Joseph’s South Grafton – Hurry limited places available

At $20 a week, can you afford not to be here? St Joseph’s Primary School promotes high levels of intellectual rigour; developing interesting learning environments and making explicit to students the significance of their class work. Stage teachers work collaboratively, analysing each individual student’s results and planning for each student accordingly. St Joseph’s sets high expectations for both students and teachers. Behind what you see in your child’s classroom is a sustained professional effort at many levels directed at ensuring our schools are educating in and for a contemporary world. What can I expect as a parent? Classrooms should be places that are supportive, stimulating and challenging. Students may be using space differently and not always learning at desks in rows. While teachers know the importance of, and engage students in, direct instruction, they also plan for times of more independent learning or collaborative group work. This movement and flexibility is carefully planned by teachers depending on the needs of the learner and the subject material. Teachers maintain a close watch on individual progress and develop processes to ensure that student growth is monitored and reported to parents. Teachers are constantly involved in formal and informal meetings and discussions to ensure the curriculum is relevant and rigorous and student learning needs are being met. WHAT OUR CLASSROOMS ARE NOT! This is not “anything goes” education. Far from it! Everything is carefully planned by the teachers and the Leader of Pedagogy in our professional learning teams within a community of educators. This approach caters for all learners. Every student is expected to achieve and all teaching is directed to that aim. Teachers’ group students who may need additional support and individual students can be withdrawn for more specialised support. Big enough to matter and small enough to care.