Speed Queen


Would someone tell me when did Queen Street Grafton (between Arthur and North Sts) become a part of the Grafton Raceway track?

Starting at 5am it is on for one and all. Leaving Grafton central, after Arthur St there are no more round-abouts and so it is open slather for speeding while coming into Grafton and speeding seems the norm until Arthur St.

Having driven for over 50 years (but not an old fart) it is easy to estimate that 80% of vehicles disregard the 50kph limit.

All types of vehicles are guilty, domestic, and business cars along with trucks of all sizes. I have seen “not in service buses” and a telegraph pole on the back of a trailer that would give a Putin missile a run for its money. Do we need to name and shame the business vehicles that break the law?

At the least, we need 50kph speed signs, perhaps flashing speed signs (as in Ulmarra) or, best of all, a policeman with radar to fine the offenders. After all Queen Street is residential. To add to our problems, we now have dump trucks back and forth all day.

Will someone take responsibility and stop the raceway on Queen Street.

Peter Brown, Grafton