South Grafton women’s bowls – Presentation Day

Firstly, apologies to Bobbi Robinson for incorrectly spelling her name in a previous report on November 2.


Tuesday November 23

Winning Rink: No 2 Jean Walbridge, Irene Goth and Anna Bunn.

Lucky Team: No 3 Beverley Sales, Enid McKew and Pam Harvey.

Resting Toucher: Candy Nixon.

Congratulations, ladies.

Presentation Day 2021 Champions

Club Fours: winners – A Milligan, C Smidt, C Nixon and A Bunn; runners up – M Sales, P Gray, J Gebetsberger and E Whitford.

Club Triples: winners – M King, C Nixon and A Bunn; runner up – M Sales, J Gebetsberger and E Whitford.

Club Pairs: winners – H Nicholls and C Nixon; runner up – C Smidt and A Bunn.


M Sales, E Whitford, H Nicholls, C Nixon, A Milligan, J Gebetsberger, I Gough, C Smidt, A Bunn and P Gray. Image: Contributed.

Minor Singles: winner – A Milligan; r/up – I Gough. Image: Contributed.

Major Singles: winner – A Bunn; r/up – M King. Image: Contributed.

Consistency Singles: not played.

Encouragement: Maree Keedle.

Anna Bunn, Maree Keedle and President Joan Gebetsberger. Image: Contributed.

Thursday November 25

Winning Rink: M Sales, I Gough and A Bunn.

Competition: winner – P Lollback.

Congratulations to all the winners and runner up players, I trust everyone had a wonderful day.

A very big thank you to Phyllis Knox for the meal; we really appreciate your tireless efforts to ensure we have lovely special days.

Bev Sales