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President Lyn Hinrichsen meeting Ken Done at his opening exhibition at the Tweed Gallery. Image: Contributed

Yamba Day VIEW – meeting Ken

Our Christmas luncheon and final function for the year will be on Monday December 13 at 10am, at the Bowlo. Members are requested to have attendance numbers in by Monday 6. Cost of $28, includes a gift.

All cancellations after this date will be subject to meal charges, as per Bowlo terms. Please phone Lyn on 6646 3164, or 04486 88558 to book.

Last month’s guest speaker, Geoff Dickie, was very informative and gave members an insight into air traffic controlling. How in the skies distance is measured in imperial, and once on the ground, in metric.

For example, an aircraft will have 5 miles separation between the one in front. Reduced Vertical Separation Minima [RVSM] depends on where you are in the world, here in the Pacific it is usually 1,000 feet.

During the week I attended the opening function of the Ken Done exhibition at the Tweed Gallery. His splash of colour from the eighties was always a favourite.

Lyn Hinrichsen