Community News

Grafton CWA get a new kitchen

Our last meeting was held in CWA rooms on Friday November 19, with 16 members present and one apology was received. Covid-19 restrictions were still in place and were upheld.

Grafton CWA have been negotiating for government grant monies over a period of time to update areas of our rooms. Application for a Federal Government grant was applied for through Hon Kevin Hogan member for Page, which was granted to the branch and received, for renovations to be carried out 70-year-old kitchen update.

Members from CWA Grafton and CWA South Grafton were very pleased with the installation of the new kitchen. Due to wet weather floor coverings and plumbing are yet to be completed.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Grafton Jacaranda Festival will now be held Saturday December 4 until Saturday December 11. Morning tea will be served along with a light luncheon in our rooms in our rooms at 9 Duke Street Grafton.

Member Lesley McFarlane gave the members a very informative update on the importance of Organ donation. This information is no longer held on our driver’s licence; personal application has to be made through the Organ organization if you wish this to be carried out. You will be issued with a card stating your wishes.

Next meeting will be held Friday December 12, followed by Christmas lunch to be held at the Grafton District Services Club.

In-house cookery item to be judged at this meeting – ‘dark fruit cake’.

Carol Smith