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South Grafton Men’s Fours Championship

Wednesday, June 21 – men’s social bowls
No problem with the weather but just three rinks needed. These included three games of triples, one utilising a swinging lead.
Rink (1). G Mallison, T Newsome & D Andrews d S Weber, D O’Brien & B Kowal 20-19; Rink (2). K Fitzsimmons, G Taylor & L Bond d M Revell, P Gillespie & D Barker 22-11; Rink (3). L Andrew (Swinging lead), T Latter & J Davis d L Andrew (SL), B Kenny & W Peterson 28-14.
Winning Rink (3): L Andrew, T Latter, J Davis.
Lucky team: T Newsome, G Mallison, D Andrews.
There were no resting touchers and the Jackpot was not won.
Friday, June 23 – mixed social bowls afternoon
With championships coming up in the weekend there were just three rinks today. Three games of triples played, the results of which were as follows:
Rink (1). M Bettison, R Pendergast & L Bond d T Newsome, M King & L Perrett 18-15; Rink (2). B Kenny, A O’Brien & l Andrew d K Davis, M Mulligan & D O’Brien 17-13; Rink (3). D Davis, T Latter & D Fitzsimmons d T Lambert, K Fitzsimmons & G Cupples 27-11.
Winning Rink (3): D Davis, T Latter, D Fitzsimmons.
The chook ends were won by D Fitzsimmons & M Bettison, there were no resting touchers and the jackpot was won by Rink (3).
Sunday 25th June – mixed social bowls
Three social matches today, one of triples and two of pairs played out alongside the second semi final of the Men’s 2017 Club Fours championship.
Fours championship semi final round and in a game where the score wasn’t really indicative of the game; it was yet steady enough for Dan Barker’s team not to be headed at any point and for them to take the match.
Rink (1). M Revell. L Andrew, T Newsome & D Barker d N Wilson, D Andrews, G Taylor & L Bond 22-15
Social games:
Rink (3). A O’Brien, P Desborough & S Weber d H Nickless, E McKew & D O’Brien 23-17; Rink (4). B Gilbert & R Holmes d M Cheetham & J Thorpe 22-21; Rink (5). P Allison & D Allison d M Mulligan & T Latter 20-15.
In the afternoon it was time for the final of the men’s championship fours.
This was Bernie Kowal’s day and he and his team showed a clean set of heels to their opponents. Dan’s team put in every effort but Bernie, Kevin, Peter and George were determined and it reflected in the final score.
Rink (1). G Mallison, P Gillespie, K Fitzsimmons & B Kowal d B Kenny (sub), L Andrew, T Newsome & D Barker 26-16
Next Sunday sees the first of our Sunday fun days so get your names up on the sheet so come along for a top morning’s bowling and lunch.
D McLachlan